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Tulip Twister Puzzle

$ 26.00

Behold! The Tulip Twister is a 500-piece puzzle beyond your wildest dreams. Filled with refined sugar highs and stomach-in-mouth delight, you’ll find yourself chanting “one more time!” before it’s even over. But as with any good roller coaster ride, you might come away from this puzzle a little dazed and confused.

When it all comes together, the final image is a little bit...different. HINT: They say love has no shape, but maybe that’s all hot air. 

Puzzle Information

  • 500 pieces
  • Soft touch coating
  • Completed puzzle will be 20 x 27 inches
  • Box is 11 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Puzzles made from 100% recycled cardboard
  • Not suitable for children - sorry babies!

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