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Akashiya Gan-Sai Watercolor Set - 24 colors

$ 50.00

Experience the bold, vibrant color of traditional Japanese gansai watercolors with these watercolor pans from Akashiya, a company with centuries of experience in making brushes and other art supplies. Use them for illustrations, cards, sumi-e, and calligraphy. The paint is lightfast, pigment and resin based, and made entirely from materials that are safe for humans and free of harmful materials like lead and chromium.

The underside of the box lid features a color chart that you can fill in yourself using the actual watercolors so that you can see exactly how they will appear when used.

This set includes 24 colors: Black (AP-02), Blue Green (AP-07), Chalk White (AP-01), Crimson (AP-21), Dark Green (AP-09), Dark Red (AP-20), Gold (AP-23), Green Grass (AP-11), Green Rust (AP-10), Indigo (AP-04), Light Blue Green (AP-13), Light Ultramarine Blue (AP-08), New Leaves (AP-12), Peony (AP-19), Purple (AP-03), Red Ochre (AP-18), Red Plum (AP-22), Silver (AP-24), Ultramarine Blue (AP-06), Vermilion (AP-17), Vivid Indigo (AP-05), Yellow (AP-15), Yellow Green (AP-14), and Yellow Ochre (AP-16).

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