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Cardedu Canonau di Sardegna

Cardedu Canonau di Sardegna

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Cardedu uses the old spelling with just one ‘N’ for this single varietal Canonau. Canonau is a biotype of Grenache (Fr.) or Garnacha (Sp.), most likely from Spain; but growing in Sardegna for hundreds of years it could be considered native. Spice and smoke mingle with fleshy red plums and raspberries. Cardedu’s old vines (avg. 25-50 years old) provide a depth to the fruit; decomposed granite soils keep the wines fresh. Practicing organic. 

Italy, Sardinia, Cardedu

12%ABV, 750 mL

Sergio Loi is a 4th generation traditional Sardinian producer, whose family winery from the early 1900s has always practiced no chemical farming and minimum intervention in the cellar. The Cardedu [car-DAY-do] vineyards are located on the island’s sparsely populated Southeast, on crumbling granite soils near the coast, and schist in the ragged-dry hills and cliffs around Jerzu.

Sardinian producers are now catching up in popularity to those of Italy’s other large island, Sicilia. One difference that remains is that Sardinia remains more ‘lost in time.’ Cardedu balances on that edge of being  traditional but also thoughtful, especially considering today’s warmer climate. In the last few vintages – extremely hot and dry – Cardedu has made lower alcohol wines by picking earlier and careful vineyard management. The result, thankfully, isn’t "10% alcohol overtly hipster juice without terroir", Sergio says; it’s just wine that tastes more like the cool vintages he enjoyed in the ’70’s.

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