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Small Homes

Small Homes

$ 28.95

This book is about homes that are larger than “tiny,” but smaller than the national average. It’s a logical step for Shelter Publications after their two books on tiny homes.

Compared to the average American home, small homes are less expensive, use less resources, are more efficient to heat and cool, and cheaper to maintain and repair.

These are (but for a few) between 400–1200 square feet of floor area — less than half the size of the typical new American home. (By way of comparison, homes in the book, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, averaged 200–300 sq. ft.)

The homes here — some 65 of them — vary from unique and artistic to simple and low-cost. Some are plain, ordinary buildings that provide owners shelter at a reasonable cost — and some are inspiring examples of design, carpentry, craftsmanship, imagination, creativity, and homemaking.

By Lloyd Kahn

232 pages  /  9” x 12”  /  2017 /  ISBN 978-0-936070-68-1

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