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The Deep Black Garlic Concentrate

The Deep Black Garlic Concentrate

$ 18.00

Fermented black garlic concentrate. 4 oz. glass jar. 

Umami in a bottle. Mole without the chocolate. Fermented for 1-3 months, this earth-dark garlic concentrate tastes like balsamic vinegar, deeply caramelized onion, sweet-sour-savory tamarind, and seared meat. The garlic is fermented very slowly until it turns jammy and sweet. Then it is combined with dates, chestnuts, 10-year aged balsamic vinegar, toasty tamari, and chili. All crushed together by hand with a mortar and pestle to create a creamy paste.  

Some ways to use it: Use this potent concentrate to give instant depth to any dish. Make mushrooms taste mushroomier. Serve a swish alongside charcuterie. Add richness and complexity to soups, stews, or marinades. We’ve found it now appears in nearly all the dishes we make; a very little goes a very long way. 

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